Rev. Bro. Dana Farmer receives the 2018 Second District Omega Man Of The Year Award and Outstanding Service Award

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I pray that you are strong in heart, mind, and will! I want to take this time and inform you that one of Psi Lambda Lambda’s officers, Vice-Basileus, Rev.Bro. Dana Farmer, Sr., received the 2nd District Omega Man of the Year award at the District Conference in Baltimore, MD, this weekend.  Bro. Farmer also received the 2nd District Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Service as a member of the Reclamation Committee. As we all know, these honors were well deserved and earned.  Please take a moment an offer your well wishes to Bro. Farmer, when possible.

Onward and Upward, 

Bro. Phillip D. Payton, Ph.D.