Bro. Anthony Cochran is the author of “Out of the Storm A Legacy.”

The book is a must have for not only American Civil War history buffs but also students of military history, those with an interest in African American history, and genealogists. Of special interest is the role of African Americans in the military during the Civil War, particularly those African American soldiers earning the Medal of Honor for valor and heroism on the battlefield.  Included in the text are excerpts of actual battlefield reports detailing strategy and tactical planning involving units of African American soldiers. The time period covers the colonial period up to the Civil War and its aftermath. 


“This text differs from other similar texts as it (1) lists all African American recipients of the Medal Of Honor for service performed during the Civil War, (2) it identifies previously unrecognized (and heretofore unknown) African Americans who demonstrated valor and heroism on the battlefield worthy of commendation, and (3) it provides personal background data, family details, and genealogical information for each  (where possible).”